Quality Decalogue

1. UPHOLSTERY our passion SINCE 1960

In the heart of Emilia, for more than 40 years, Cava creates with an intense passion sofas and co-ordinated furnishings of value. In every Cava creation the ancient culture of our upholsterers-mistresses melts with the most advanced techniques of research and planning. Solid, comfortable structures, whip-stitching and all the design featuresbear witness to the care that expert, exacting people have dedicated to the product. Our customers can appreciate by an incomparable style, the best quality and the maximum comfort

2. Atelier Cava

Nel nostro Atelier nascono quotidianamente nuove idee e nuove forme, modelli irripetibili, New ideas and new shapes are born every day in our atelier, unique models at the forefront for the design but faithful to the classical tradition. Harmony between ancient and modern The most advanced technologies raise the value of the ancient artisan culture. The most interesting sketches of our designers are given to the technical office, that plans the frames together with the stuffing. Our engineers use to work on the bases of these two priorities: Cava mark must guarantee a high level of comfort and a long duration in terms of time.

3. THE STRUCTURES soul of the sofa

The wood. A row material fundamental in the course of human history. Every Cava creation is manufacturing using only solid fir-wood. The single parts of the structure are worked from the row material and assembled respecting with the maximum precision the measurements and the technical specifications outlined in the plan. The springing system is achieved through the application of high-density crossed elastic bands. On the account of the quality of the materials and of the precision of the manufacturing, our wooden frames are real wooden fitting.

4. THE STUFFINGS and the harmony of the shapes

The stuffing, appropriately finely-shaped, is laid to the frame with special ecological glues, certified by the most severe European rules.


Our cushions, chosen according to the style of the model, are staffed in high density polyurethane or in feather. Feather stuffing fulfils the high qualitative standard imposed by Assopiuma.
Assopiuma label, to which the most important producers belong, certifies the origin of the product and guarantees for the quality of the workmanship. Only the most qualified firms are admitted to be part of Assopiuma Consortium.


Every particular reveals the craftsmanship of expert hands, the rare ability to refine the material. Cava, heir of this noble art, every day renews the ancient ritual, giving to the rough forms of woods new perfect lines, wisely stuffed.
The cut of the fabric is exclusively handmade by our craftsmen. They have to keep into consideration the harmony of the drawings in the different parts of the sofa. The sewing. Our seamstresses have to apply very skilfully all kinds of passementerie required by our customers (fringes, borders, marabou, etc.).
The finished covering is given to our upholsterers’ skilful and experienced hands.They verify that the product can be in line with the CAVA high qualitative standard


Every model of our production is completely unlining, except for the “Royal” and leather versions.
The most important project of our technical office has allowed to make completely unlining the classical models provided with the traditional “biscuit”. With a particular bayonet graft, the Cava customer can take out the “biscuit” (see photos) and then he can wash the covering.

8. FABRICS, never ending games of precious weaves.

The best fabrics and the most elegant designs open like curtains on the soft and harmonious shapes and are tastefully chosen in order to fit the style of every creation.


The leathers are available dressed and made antique by hand, enriched by a vegetable tanning. The vegetable tanning gives them unique light, perfume and softness, and a noble capability of ageing without spoiling. A touch of exclusivity in the full respect of nature


Our artisans’passion and our engineers’rigour give birth to unique sofas certified by the Cava mark