Decor Chic Collection

Decor Chic Collection

“To live means to leave traces”. Different languages and new elements merge in the contemporary design. We don’t just require the realisation of a product to the project but to give life to a way to communicate our experiences, emotions, stories and memories. This is the reason why a new collection comes alive in the name of decoration. An important study of reasearch and selection allowed us to create “mood boards” with seve- ral matching fabrics to enrich sofa with cushions, pouf and anything that can turn the living room into “our living room”, distinctive, unique and able to leave traces.
Thanks to the grasp of textile language that has always characterised our work, it was natural to take a step towards a more sophisticated collection walking the never abandoned path of 100% Made in Italy. Cava interprets the new Decor Chic collection with its expertise in the textile field and thanks to its sartorial mastery. A careful study of research and selection gave birth to a fa- brics’collection that will make it easier to realise high-end and unique combinations entirely exclusive.Since 1960 Cava fol- lows the evolution of designs with great passion. A consolida- ted reality that nowadays proposes its own lifestyle frequently anticipating the evolution of the style.

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