1969 September 26: the founder Giuseppe Campani with his wife Carla and his son Andrea, the current director of the company..

Cava was born in 1960 thanks to the initiative of the founders Giuseppe Campani and Vittorio Vaghi.
Enthusiasm and passion soon transformed the small upholsterer’s shop into a real factory, that year by year has been able to change, according to the requirements of more demanding customers

Creatig a sofa is like choosing the ingredient more a great recipe.

Andrea Campani

In 1990 doctor Andrea Campani assumed direction of the company. The new dynamic and prepared manager marked an important turning-point in the history of the firm, devoting great energy, know-how and resources to new projects. The “Atelier Cava” was born: a real research laboratory where every day designers and engineers create new ideas and new shapes, unique models at the forefront for the design but faithful to the classical tradition and to the artisan quality.
New models were very successful and allowed the company the possibility to achieve important results. Cava sofas are wide-spread in the whole national market and in Europe. Our history of renewing our products gives strength to our philosophy that consists in a perfect harmony between ancient and modern culture, innovation technology and tradition. In our company the culture of our upholsterers-mistresses melts with the most advanced techniques of research and planning.
The experience of our upholsterers, the patient skill of our seamstresses, lead to a unique and non-repeatable manufacturing of sofas wholly produced in our workrooms.

Andrea Campani